Turning and tilting at the same time?

2019. július 23., kedd, 12:05

Címkék: CNC EMO Hannover HIWIN turning machine

Making tool machine movement efficient: innovative, flexible, robust and compact – for the Offenburg-based specialist in drive technology, these are the crucial elements at play in the development and production of HIWIN drive solutions.

Alongside simple machine elements such as linear guideways, ballscrews and linear and torque motors, HIWIN is now also offering ready-to-install rotary and tilting axes. From the individual components to the completely assembled additional axis, HIWIN offers a one-stop solution.

With just minimal effort, the rotary and tilting axes can easily be integrated into all commercially available machine control systems and available machine concepts using a wide variety of encoders and appropriate interfaces. For instance, a 3-axis machine can be effortlessly transformed into a 5-axis machine if required. In short, this equates to added value without additional costs: simply integrate the ready-to-connect additional axes and connect them to the existing control system.

The rotary and tilting axis from HIWIN

The rotary and tilting axes are fitted with water-cooled direct drives from the TMRW torque motorseries. The appeal of the maintenance-free drives lies in their high torques and highly dynamic operation, combined with absolute positioning accuracy. Tailored to the requirements of the tool machine, the highly resilient, torsion and tilt-resistant axes can be used, for example, in HSC milling machines, measuring or laser machines, or in milling and turning centres, primarily as a fourth or fifth axis.

Visit HIWIN live at the EMO from 16th to 21st of September at the EMO in Hannover in hall 8, booth A20.


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