Tezmaksan is at EMO Hannover Fair with CUBEBOX and Kapasitematik

2019. szeptember 12., csütörtök, 11:04

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Tezmaksan Makine will participate in the EMO Hannover, the leading trade fair of the world in metal processing sector. Cubebox and Kapasitematik developed in the focus of Industry 4.0 will take place in the European Market in 2020, following the EMO Hannover Fair. Tezmaksan aims to realize software export for 1 million Euros in 2023 with Kapasitematik and system export for 5 million Euros annually to Europe with Cubebox, which have been developed with domestic and national manufacturing.

TEZMAKSAN is preparing to participate in EMO Hannover Fair which will open its doors on 16th September, Monday with its R&D-supported innovation-excellence products with its slogan of “Smart technologies giving shape for the future’s production” in this year.

Turkish technology which ensures 24-hour working without any operator

TEZMAKSAN which will introduce its two domestic and national products, Cubebox and Kapasitematik which it has developed with its new generation technology to the sectoral professionals within the fair scope aims to have a word in the world with its technologies increasing the efficiency. Cubebox which is defined as the R&D and innovation excellence increases the speed of the production in cooperation with the machinery-operator in the smart factories. Cubebox presents 24-hour operator-free and fault-free system to the companies. Cubebox which provides 50 percent of efficiency for the companies during the night shifts is drawing attention because of being in compliance with all CNC benches with its standard structure. The software which is 20 percent more affordable compared to the special robot systems for the companies takes only one day to be installed and activated. Besides, parts and sections might be replaced without requiring any robotics programming knowledge thanks to the system.  TEZMAKSAN aims to realize system export for 5 million Euros annually to Europe in 2025 with Cubebox.

Export aim is 1 million Euros with Kapasitematik

Kapasitematik, another completely domestic product of Tezmaksan ensures the communication between machinery and operators in 7/24. Aiming to prepare Turkish industry for Industry 4.0 with Kapasitematik, TEZMAKSAN presents the easiest way to increase the facility efficiency. TEZMAKSAN aims to realize software export for 1 million Euros in 2023 with Kapasitematik.

“We have to keep pace with the developing technology.”

Stating that various modern technologies such as AI, IIOT will take irreplaceable roles for manufacturing racetracks with digital transformation, Hakan Aydoğdu, the General Director of TEZMAKSAN said that: “Actually the cooperative robots, Iot and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI) will direct the robotics field in the following years. Robots will gain new skills or get easily adapted to them through the learning procedures with artificial intelligence. Human-machinery cooperation, mobile systems and smart robots have turned out to be the significant part of the digitalization. As TEZMAKSAN, we are trying to realize this with domestic and national production move. We design software and system for the sectoral improvement and we manage this with 100 percent domestic and national sources. Therefore, as TEZMAKSAN, we help the sectors take place in the fast adaptation process for the digital era.” 




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