Messe Stuttgart launches trade fair for electromobility

Trade fair and congress event elect! to take place annually in future / ATZ Congress Electrified Mobility to run parallel on two days

2018. január 25., csütörtök, 18:19

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Already for several years now, Messe Stuttgart has taken electromobility seriously: Photovoltaics on the hall roofs, charging infrastructure at the trade fair site and electric or hybrid vehicles in the car pool are standard features.

After the organisers met with a fantastic reception with the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS30) in Stuttgart in 2017, with the elect! Exhibition & Conference they are now presenting their own event format on the topic of electromobility. elect! will take place in Stuttgart from 8 – 10 October 2018. Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, CEO of Messe Stuttgart explains: "As co-organiser of EVS30 in Stuttgart, we took the topic of electromobility seriously very early on. After the invitation to tender was decided in favour of Stuttgart and the first partners were on board, with we created a digital hub for electromobility. This has now led to the event concept for elect!"

There are some conceptional changes vis-à-vis EVS30. With elect! 2018, the specialist trade fair will be at the forefront. The main emphasis will be on the automotive sector incl. tiers 1 – 3 of the supplier industry, the energy sector with charging infrastructure, ITC and smart mobility solutions.

Manufacturers and providers will present products, components and solutions which are technologically mature and at the transition between research and development and entry into the mass market. "We are partners of industry and raise topics that are relevant for our economic region and the industrial location of Germany. After many positive discussions with exhibitors, sponsors and partners involved with EVS30, with the elect! Exhibition & Conference we are continuing the future-oriented theme of electromobility with our own concept," Kromer explains further.

Signing of the contract on 7.12.2018: Messe Stuttgart and ATZlive will cooperate on the elect! Exhibition & Conference. From left to right: Dr. Johannes Liebl, Stefanie Burgmaier, Thomas Walter, Gunnar Mey.

The conference section is being organised by ATZlive, a company of Springer Vieweg - Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, with the "elect! ATZ Congress Electrified Mobility". This will provide the technological and scientific areas of discussion on the topic of electrified mobility. In addition to comprehensive keynote presentations and round tables, two parallel conference themes will focus on mobility and technology. "With the elect! ATZ Congress Electrified Mobility, over two days we will present the current state of the art, and show what exciting projects are already at the development stage. With our specialist magazines ATZ and ATZelektronik, we have been highlighting the technology of electromobility already for many years. We are delighted that, within the framework of the new event concept of elect! 2018, we can now provide an appropriate congress format parallel to a trade fair," says Dr. Johannes Liebl, publisher of ATZ, MTZ and ATZelektronik, describing the new format. The cooperation contract between Messe Stuttgart and ATZlive was signed on 7 December 2017 by Stefanie Burgmaier, Managing Director of Springer Fachmedien GmbH, and Thomas Walter, Head of Industry & Technology at Messe Stuttgart, in Wiesbaden.

A look at the evaluation of the EVS30 survey results indicates the requirements as described. From 9 – 11 October 2017, 9,687 trade fair visitors and congress participants, as well as 354 exhibitors, were counted. A total of 58 nations were represented at the sector summit. Of the participants, 52 % stated they were in a management position, and 78 % were involved in purchasing in their companies. Over 2/3 (69 %) said that they see increasing importance for a trade fair and congress event on electromobility at the Stuttgart location.

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