Swiss Association becoming involved in Moulding Expo

Swissmem is organising the Swiss Pavilion for Tool Construction and Mould Making / Greater cooperation with Messe Stuttgart

2015. december 18., péntek, 13:02

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Messe Stuttgart is turning its words into actions in order to demonstrate the superb quality of the European tool, pattern and mould making industry at Moulding Expo 2017. Another strong partner, i.e. Swissmem, will be involved in the trade fair: the Swiss Association of the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Metal Industries is planning a Swiss pavilion. "We have already been cooperating successfully with Swissmem for many years in regard to AMB. Swissmem has now decided to become even more closely involved and create a pavilion for Moulding Expo 2017," said Gunnar Mey, Department Director of Industrial Solutions at Messe Stuttgart.

"Since we were impressed right away by the start of Moulding Expo, it was clear that we would officially participate in 2017," said Pascal Streiff, Head of Department at Swissmem. "Some Swiss companies were already present during the première. We want to ensure through our involvement that Switzerland has an even greater presence in 2017." The objective of Swissmem is to use Moulding Expo to expand the network of the Swiss tool and mould making industry in the Greater Stuttgart area. "Most of the customers of our member companies come from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Switzerland. Moulding Expo in Stuttgart is therefore the ideal location for our tool construction and mould making companies to cultivate their contacts and acquire new customers from all over the world."

Swissmem, the Swiss Association of the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Metal Industries, has over 1,000 members, for example in the areas of tool construction, mould making, plastics machines, precision tools and machine tools.

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