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2020. április 09., csütörtök, 15:56

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As we collectively navigate these challenging times, our working dynamic is changed and working from home is now the norm. The health and comfort of our clients is always our priority. We would like to make a special gesture so that you can maintain the most ergonomic and efficient CAD experience possible - at home and on the go.

From today, with every purchased 3D SpaceMouse Pro Wireless you will receive a free CadMouse Pro Wireless with a CadMouse Pad Compact.

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is a professional, wireless 3D mouse, with 3Dconnexion’s patented 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor, 15 programmable buttons (including QuickView keys and keyboard modifiers), a soft-coated palm rest and 2-months battery life.

CadMouse Pro Wireless is a professional, full-size, ergonomic mouse with a dedicated middle-mouse button, QuickZoom function, a rechargeable battery with a 3 months lifetime and many more CAD features that will improve the work of every designer, engineer and architect. In combination with the CadMouse Pad Compact, the CadMouse Pro Wireless mouse will ensure quiet, fast and comfortable operation.

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless in the left hand positions 3D models in one smooth movement, at the same time the CadMouse Pro Wireless mouse in the right hand selects and creates. It's a comfortable and natural two-handed work style promoted by 3Dconnexion that can't be achieved with a regular mouse and keyboard.

Both products were made of extremely durable elements and have a 3-year hardware limited warranty.


This offer is valid until April 30, 2020 and only available in the 3Dconnexion webshop.


€ 329 excl. VAT

Alternatively, you can pick our SpaceMouse Wireless kit specifically catered toward CAD engineers' more mobile and lighter working needs.

€ 199 excl. VAT

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