Review of the financial year 2017: HELLER exceeds targets

2018. május 24., csütörtök, 07:42

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The year 2017 ends with a stable economic environment and decent general conditions for the machine tool industry. For HELLER, too, 2017 was a good year. The group’s turnover has increased by 7%. The past year’s sales mix has improved our earning power. The year-on-year changes primarily illustrate the diverse possibilities open to us in the market which we also intend to seize in the future. Worthy of special mention in 2017 are crankshaft machines, coating projects, the modification of production systems and a significantly improved single-machine business. Order intake increased by 16%, thus providing a solid basis for 2018 as well high planning certainty for 2019 due to the projects in hand. We have been able to strengthen our sales in Europe and to intensify market cultivation. The positive order intake on our home continent confirms the measures we have taken. Similar steps are being taking in the US and in Asia.

Order intake: strong project business

The 2017 order intake amounts to EUR 612.8m. It exceeded last year’s forecast by EUR 52.8m (9.4%), making it the highest in the history of the HELLER Group. In terms of new-machine business, the order volume with single machines and projects is above the projected figures. Project business, especially with automotive customers, still accounts for more than 50% of our business volume. The significantly higher than anticipated order intake is mainly due to strong project business in Europe and China. The share of Europe (including Germany) has slightly increased to 64% (previous year: 56%); Asia still holds a high share of 23% (previous year: 24 %), whilst North and South America together make up for 13% (previous year: 20%).

Turnover and total operating revenue: significantly better than expected

At EUR 577.6m, the turnover achieved in 2017 was EUR 40.0m (+7%) above the previous year and exceeded last year’s forecast by EUR 17.6m. The volume of the single-machine business was 30% above the previous year, whilst project and service business was approximately at the level of 2016. Decrease in inventories and capitalised services included, the total operating revenue amounted to EUR 568.9m (previous year: EUR 527.5m). This corresponds to the level of the annual forecast and is far above average in multi-year comparison.

Result and capital resources: stable conditions

Compared with the previous year, the consolidated net income of the Group has doubled. This is the result of volume effects from the significantly higher total operating revenue and a change of the sales mix. It far outweighs the personnel-related additional expenditure.

The equity ratio amounts to 30.7% (previous year: 29.9 %). All in all, the financial and assets position provides stable conditions.

Investments: consistent and on a global scale

In addition to investments aimed at preserving capacity and improving efficiency, a total of EUR 12.3m was invested in building infrastructure, logistics and IT at the Nürtingen location and in building stock and equipment at the location in Redditch/UK. Investments in Sorocaba/Brazil focused on the modernisation of machinery and business equipment.

At a glance: facts and figures

  •   2017 order intake

o   EUR 612.8m (2016: EUR 526.9m)

  •   64% Europe (2016: 56%)
  • 13% North and South America (2016: 20%)
  • 23% Asia (2016: 24%)
  •   2017 turnover

o   EUR 577.6m (2016: EUR 537.7m)

  •   2017 total operating revenue

o   EUR 568.9m (2016: EUR 527.5m)

  •   Equity capital 2017

o   EUR 108.9m

o   Equity ratio: 30.7% (2015: 29.9%)

  •   2017 investment volume

o   EUR 12.3m

  •   2017 workforce

o   HELLER Group worldwide: 2,611 (including apprentices)

o   HELLER Germany: 2,041 (including apprentices)

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