HARTING solutions for weight reduction and fast data transfer

Plastic housings can be mounted quickly

2018. szeptember 19., szerda, 20:30

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At this year's InnoTrans (September 18-21, 2018 in Berlin, Hall 12 / Stand 203), the world's leading trade fair for the rail industry, HARTING will once again be showcasing numerous innovative solutions and products. At the same time, the technology group will focus on the three trend topics of Weight Reduction, Easy Handling and Data Increase.

Weight reduction plays an increasingly important role in rail vehicle construction, and connectors can make a measurable contribution here. For trains and trams, the continuous transition from metal to plastic can reduce the weight of connector housings by up to 50% from one generation to the next.

Consequently, HARTING has extended the Han-Eco® plastic connector series by adding housings in Han B® size. The advantage: the housings are plug-compatible with Han® connectors in metal housings. This makes HARTING's connectors even more flexible.

HARTING offers the largest selection of contact inserts for industrial connectors. More than 100 different modules and at least as many monoblocks are available for the transmission of power, data, signals and compressed air.

The plastic housings are not only lightweight, they can also be mounted quickly. For standard connectors, cables must be routed through a mounting cut-out in order to assemble the inserts on the control cabinet. With the Han-Eco® B, monoblocks and modular inserts can be pre-assembled and snap directly into the mounting housing. The new option makes work easier: harnesses and control cabinets can be prepared separately for final assembly.


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