Faster, more individual, more efficient

With the new technical center in Bremen, and an expansion of the machine pool, Actega DS is optimizing the product-specific material developments. The company will therefore be able to develop and offer innovations required by the market even more quickly – and better optimized for the requirements.

Überraschend positiver Jahresauftakt

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im Januar 2015 ein Plus von +30 Prozent (bundesweit +3 Prozent). Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es ein Minus von -2 Prozent (bundesweit -1 Prozent). Das Auslandsgeschäft lag bei +45 Prozent (bundesweit +4 Prozent) im Vergleich zum Vorjahresniveau.

Integrated solution for capital projects and asset operations

Best-in-class engineering data and document management solution to enable connected decision making for efficient and compliant projects and operations.

Blue lid caps successful product launch

RPC Bebo UK has supplied a 126mm diameter lid in a blue pigment to enhance the branding and on-shelf appeal of a new range of Blue Dragon branded noodle snack pots produced by Symingtons under licence from AB World Foods.

glasstec and GlassPrint renew Cooperation

The world’s most important glass trade fair, glasstec, and GlassPrint, Europe’s only dedicated conference and exhibition for glass decoration have agreed to renew their successful cooperation. glasstec will ‘power’ GlassPrint 2015 and the two events will continue to mutually support each other.

JSC NIIK migrates to AVEVA Everything3D

AVEVA today announced that Research and Design Institute of Urea and Organic Synthesis Products (JSC NIIK), a leading Russian engineering company, has migrated to AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D). This follows its significant investment in AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design (IE&D) solution in 2013, which is now a standard for all new projects. AVEVA E3D gives JSC NIIK a multi-discipline 3D plant design software that will bring increased efficiency across a project.

EcoCFlex 3 – Evolution in the cleaning of powertrain components

What strikes the observer first about the new EcoCFlex 3 is Dürr Ecoclean's proprietary scara manipulator replacing the standard 6-axis jointed-arm robot, as well as the machine's exceptional design. A view under the hood reveals further details contributing to its superior process reliability, quality, energy efficiency and availability rates in pre-cleaning and final cleaning of powertrain components.

Well-dosed growth

Reduce costs and increase productivity: that’s what the Neoflam Company (Seoul, South Korea) had in mind when it purchased a total of seven Westomat dosing furnaces from StrikoWestofen Asia (Taicang) instead of automatic ladle systems.

E 15581 Hollow round sections made from heavy-duty PUR

A record-breaking LogiMAT

Significant increases in all areas have made LogiMAT 2015 into the most successful intralogistics trade fair in the history of LogiMAT. The international scope of the show has grown still further. The TradeWorld retailing platform was successfully integrated.

SupraMotion 3.0: Automation modules for motion in suspension

Superconductors are opening up possibilities for entirely new, previously unthinkable applications in automation technology. They allow contact-free, frictionless manipulation of objects – efficiently and with minimal energy consumption. Their dust- and abrasion-free operation is ideal for the protective transport of workpieces in highly clean environments. Objects can even be moved from behind walls. Festo has already been investigating superconductor technology and its industrial application for several years. At the Hannover Messe 2015 trade fair, the company will once again be showcasing three new, innovative application concepts.

Low-maintenance drives for food processing

E 3260 Flexible ejector with guiding

CO2 snow-jet cleaning before and after welding

Regardless of whether you’re using laser-, resistance-, WIG-, MAG- or MIG-welding technologies, specific areas of components invariably need to be cleaned both before and after the joining process. As far as the aspects of manufacturing and cost-effectiveness are concerned, processes that are efficient, selective, dry, and which can be easily integrated into automated production lines are especially suitable. The CO2 snow-jet technology fulfills these requirements.

Quality packaging

Founded in 1905 and purveyors to the Royal Swedish court since 1924, Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB has an enviable reputation for quality and uses natural ingredients such as Nordic berries, shea butter and honey. The soap is triple milled for purity and quality.

The E 5590 Elastomer stripper

Parts cleaning

Cleaning parts and surfaces costs money – just how much money depends on the required result. Whether the job is simple degreasing or rather cleaning to meet strict technical requirements, achieving the necessary quality quickly, reliably and economically involves factors which go beyond the cleaning method used, including the selection of the proper cleaning media and containers and subjects like bath maintenance and packaging of the cleaned parts. You can explore all these aspects at parts2clean at the Stuttgart exhibition center from 9 to 11 June 2015.

Meusburger extends its range of standard components for strip guiding

Power clamps and clamping claws for tool and mould making

The new catalogue Workshop Equipment from Meusburger that was launched in November 2014 includes the HWS 100 and HWS 102 Power clamps which enable quick positioning of clamping elements.

NEW at Meusburger

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