Flexible HS2 axis system from HIWIN

A clever combination

2018. augusztus 02., csütörtök, 15:31

Címkék: energialánc HIWIN lineáris tengely lineártechnológia mechatronika

Electromechanical drive technology specialist HIWIN is expanding its range of flexible HS2 axis systems, designed for complex travel paths in two dimensions.

In all the axis systems, the X direction is based on a HIWIN HD double axis that ensures both fast and precise positioning. In addition to the linear modules with a square cross-sectional area, the Y axis now has a new feature: linear tables from the HT series, whose integrated double guide means they are able to absorb high levels of torque and are exceptionally rigid. Any stroke can be selected in both axis directions, enabling accuracy down to the millimetre. The energy chains are generously sized yet compact and achieve space savings when integrated into the system as a whole, leaving plenty of room for supply cables.

A high-quality, resilient, reliable and versatile solution: the HS2 axis system from HIWIN

Whichever system the customer chooses, and whatever the size and the requirement to be satisfied, every single part of HIWIN’s multi-axis systems fits together perfectly to create a harmonious whole, as all of the components come from a single source. And HIWIN guarantees not only easy installation, maximum precision, resilience and longevity, but short lead times too. Machine and plant engineering solutions don’t get any more efficient than this.


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