Enhanced quiet running for linear drive applications

Expanded HIWIN range of linear guideways with SynchMotionTM technology

2017. március 09., csütörtök, 10:50

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In addition to its tried and tested QH, QE, and QR Series linear guideways whose SynchMotionTM technology safeguards very quiet running and optimal synchronous performance, HIWIN now presents its new QW Series, based on the ultra heavy duty WE Series 4-row recirculation ball bearing guides.

Thanks to their low profile, these are ideal specifically for environments with restricted installation spaces and for applications requiring high torques. The QW Series is an especially wide design that can absorb along the rail axes virtually double the torque loads of a standard linear guideway of comparable installed height. This means that a guideway pair can be replaced with one single wide guideway in many applications. The result is a highly compact installation, with the corresponding reductions in the assembly and production costs for the connecting structure. QW linear guideways are available in three sizes (21, 27, and 35 mm) and may be delivered with high or flange blocks.

The balls in QW linear guideways are separated with spacers for optimal synchronous performance.

The innovative SynchMotionTM guideway reduces contacts between the rolling elements and with the block. Opposing friction, familiar in conventional linear guideways, is therefore eliminated, with considerable reductions in synchronism fluctuations. Even at high speeds, there are no uncontrolled ball movements. Furthermore, the SynchMotionTM technology also promotes the transport and retention of lubricant inside the block. QW linear guideways are therefore ideal specifically for applications that hinge on optimal synchronism and very quiet running.


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