Coherent | ROFIN showcases advanced laser technology

2018. november 30., péntek, 10:03

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Coherent | ROFIN has become a leading supplier of laser-based systems for jewelry repair and manufacturing by consistently delivering products which offer advanced functionality and exceptional ease-of-use, thus providing consistently better quality and lower costs. At Vicenzaoro T.GOLD (January 18 - 23, 2019) Coherent will showcase a sampling of compact, economical systems for marking and welding. Visitors can find out about laser technology for the jewelry and watch industry at the Coherent booth 30-31 in Pavilion 9.

EasyJewel – Economical, Versatile, Desktop Laser Marking System

The EasyJewel Desktop Marking System combines high precision mechanics, a versatile fiber laser, and intuitive software to deliver unmatched part-to-part consistency and quality. The system is designed for engraving or etching metals, and is flexible enough to accommodate rings, bangles and bracelets, as well as flat parts. The EasyJewel offers a ring marking module as well as an on-the-fly marking option. The smart ring clamping system enables internal or external holding of symmetrical or asymmetrical rings. Plus, an angled slewing mechanism allows a ring to be tilted for marking on either the inside or outside surface, with no text distortion. Additionally, the on-the-fly mode enables circumferential seamless designs and handles larger components having homogeneous surfaces.

Manual Laser Welders

Coherent has the right manual laser welder for every application and budget. The compact, entry level all-purpose Desktop system delivers unmatched value, yet doesn’t sacrifice on performance or features. The Performance Basic is the company’s most popular product, a workhorse system which can process silver, gold, platinum, titanium and steel in the most demanding manufacturing environments. The 7th generation Performance still sets the

benchmark for the finest and most economic welds in jewelry manufacturing and repair. The patented SweetSpot Resonator, a large touch-screen, a dynamic foot switch, and weld-assist functions dramatically simplify everyday work. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, even during the creative process, so the parallax-free TrueView microscope enables exceptional visual clarity on even the most difficult tasks in the workshop.

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