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Flexible Axis System HS2 from HIWIN

2016. december 07., szerda, 12:41

Címkék: drives HIWIN lineártechnológia MOTEK

HIWIN, the specialist for electro-mechanical drive technology, pulled out all the stops as far as innovation was concerned at the MOTEK exhibition: The Offenburg company has developed the powerful, resilient and flexible HS2 axis system from the new generation of toothed belt axes.

It consists of an HWIN HD twin axis in the X-direction and an HWIN HM-B belt axis in the Y direction and can handle complex travel distances in two dimensions, both quickly and accurately! This is because the stroke is freely selectable in both directions, one millimetre at a time. Generously dimensioned energy chains are integrated in the overall system in a compact and space-saving way. This leaves plenty of room for the supply lines.

Top quality, resilient, reliable and variable: The HS2 axis system from HIWIN

Regardless of which system is needed, how big it is or what it is needed for: Each component of the HWIN multi-axis systems is precisely coordinated with the overall system, since all components come from the same source. As well as ease of installation, maximum precision, resilience and service life without compromises, HIWIN also stands for short delivery times. The plant and machinery engineering could hardly be more efficient.

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