Bystronic and TTM Laser S.p.A. support customers as partners

2017. november 03., péntek, 09:51

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For many sheet metal processing companies, the expansion of their production portfolio to include tube processing is a logical step in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors thanks to a wide production range. In future, Bystronic will support this demand with even more comprehensive solutions than they have until now. To achieve this, Bystronic is entering into a strategic partnership with the Italian specialist for laser-based tube and profile processing, TTM Laser S.p.A.

Currently, Bystronic supports its customers with high-quality system solutions for the cutting and bending of sheet metal. These include laser cutting and bending systems, suitable automation solutions, storage systems, and software solutions that integrate all these process steps. An expansion of this portfolio to include the processing of tubes and profiles will increase the added value that customers will receive right across their metal processing process chain.

TTM Laser S.p.A. is a successful Italian technology company that is headquartered in Cazzago San Martino (province of Brescia). Since 2001, the company with approximately 40 employees has specialized in the development of 3D laser systems for the cutting of tubes and profiles and for the welding of large-format sheet metal. Thus, TTM Laser S.p.A. is currently able to offer a wide spectrum of laser-based solutions. For example, users can process tubes with diameters between 12 and 815 millimeters. In addition, TTM Laser S.p.A. has state-of-the-art production infrastructures.

"TTM Laser and Bystronic supplement each other as ideal partners," Bystronic CEO Alex Waser explains. "With TTM Laser, Bystronic is gaining a successful specialist as a partner and is thus expanding its existing portfolio with additional tube and profile processing technologies and know-how. This partnership will allow Bystronic and TTM Laser to offer their customers an even more versatile range of solutions."

Fiorenzo Castellini, CEO of TTM Laser S.p.A. emphasizes: "Bystronic is a technology leader in the field of sheet metal processing. TTM Laser’s technologies and philosophy are an excellent match for the portfolio of Bystronic. And they will enable the development of innovative process solutions. The partnership with Bystronic and the access to a global sales and service network will provide TTM Laser with the opportunity to offer customers an enhanced range of services."

Bystronic and TTM Laser S.p.A.’s common goal is to use this partnership to pool know-how and drive forward innovative manufacturing technologies. For the time being, it will consist of joint sales activities. This will provide customers in the global target markets with optimal access to the combined processing solutions from Bystronic and TTM Laser S.p.A.

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