Bystronic acquires majority interest in the automation specialist Antil S.p.A.

2018. június 26., kedd, 11:09

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Nowadays, success in the field of sheet metal processing means: Manufacturing products quickly, economically, and in consistently high quality. At the same time the requirements with regard to simplifying complex processes and increasing overall efficiency are constantly growing. This trend is changing markets worldwide and opening up new manufacturing opportunities. The automation of production processes represents a decisive step towards solving these requirements using technological solutions. By integrating flexible automation modules into the cutting and bending process chain, Bystronic already supports many users with a broad range of solutions.

In order to serve growing customer demands in the field of automation even more comprehensively in the future, Bystronic is acquiring 70 percent of the shares of Antil S.p.A. This majority shareholding in the Italian specialist for automated sheet metal processing will enable Bystronic to expand its existing range of technologies and services in the field of automation. With Antil S.p.A., Bystronic can now offer complementary solutions for the loading and unloading of cutting systems, corresponding storage systems, and services.

Antil S.p.A. is a highly innovative technology company with headquarters in San Giuliano Milanese (Italian province of Milan). Since 1989, with approximately 110 employees, the company has specialized in the development of automation solutions for the sheet metal processing industry. Its portfolio includes loading and unloading systems for laser cutting and punching machines, automated sheet metal storage systems, robot-assisted bending solutions, and customer services. Antil S.p.A.’s technologies and services are systematically oriented toward the requirements of its sheet metal processing customers. In 2017, the company achieved a turnover of approximately 18 million euro.

Bystronic is acquiring a majority stake in Antil and thus extending its existing technology and service portfolio in the field of automation

With this majority interest, Antil is becoming an integral part of the Bystronic Group as a “Member of Bystronic”. Within this framework, the successful “Antil” brand will be maintained. The responsibility for the executive management of Antil will remain with the previous co-owner of the company Agostino Zanella. The company headquarters in San Giuliano Milanese (Italy) and the employees there will also be retained under Bystronic's majority shareholding.

“Antil and Bystronic complement each other ideally, not only technologically but also culturally,” Bystronic CEO Alex Waser explains. “Innovations and a clear focus on customer requirements are important core components of both companies. This in turn benefits our customers. In future, they will have access to a broad range of technologies for automated sheet metal processing. Together, Antil and Bystronic will support customer requirements with an outstanding sales and service organization covering all aspects of automation.”

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