Februar noch nicht unter Corona-Einfluss

Beating coronavirus together!

The coronavirus shutdown is an extreme situation for the entire economy and is hitting the CNC industry hard. Although there is huge uncertainty, we can be sure of one thing: falling into a state of shock is the most dangerous reaction to this acute situation and is therefore not an option. Instead, the best way to counteract the problem is with a mix of flexibility, optimism and solidarity. Because we will overcome this crisis together! Here at, we want to play our part, which is why we are enabling CNC manufacturers and buyers to use our entire platform free of charge – for a dynamic and cooperative response to the shutdown.

Januar ohne eindeutige Tendenz

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im Januar 2020 keine Veränderung gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Im Inland wurden zum Jahresauftakt 9 Prozent mehr Bestellungen verzeichnet, aus dem Ausland kamen 5 Prozent weni-ger Orders. Die Orders aus dem Euroraum nahmen um 16 Prozent zu, während die Auftragseingänge aus dem Nicht-Euroraum um 12 Prozent zurückgingen.

Durchwachsenes Jahr geht zu Ende

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im Dezember 2019 ein Minus von 10 Prozent. Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es mit +/- Null keine Veränderungen. Das Auslandsgeschäft lag bei -13 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vor-jahresniveau. Die Orders aus dem Euroraum stiegen um 16 Prozent, während die Auftragseingänge aus dem Nicht-Euroraum um 22 Prozent zurückgingen.

A new chapter for COPA-DATA CEE/ME

COPA-DATA has been developing software for the industrial automation and energy sectors since 1987. The subsidiary COPA-DATA CEE/ME has made a significant contribution to its success with its responsibility for market development and customer support in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. Since its founding ten years ago, COPA-DATA CEE/ME has continually grown and generated a turnover of 4.3 million Euros in 2019. With additions to the sales team and its new Managing Director, Johannes Petrowisch, the company is now well positioned for the future.

The all-round talent for the packaging industry

Lightweight and flexible: FIPA GmbH has developed the modular End-of-Line Universal Box Gripper, which can supply, seal and palletize cardboard boxes of various sizes. It is designed according to the construction kit principle and can be adapted to customer requirements right down to the smallest detail. In addition, the investment volume is within the scope of small and medium-sized companies.

Verhaltener November

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im November 2019 ein Minus von 4 Prozent. Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es eine Veränderung von -3 Prozent. Das Auslandsgeschäft ging im Vergleich zum Vorjahresniveau um 4 Prozent zurück. Die Orders aus dem Euroraum nahmen um 1 Prozent zu und aus dem Nicht-Euroraum um 6 Prozent ab.

The machine tool sector copes well with industrial and trade uncertainty

In a time of industrial and trade uncertainty, the machine toll (MT) sector continues to perform well, as production stands at more than 28 billion in 2018. In the meantime, CECIMO has following closely the review process of the Machinery Directive, the most important legislation for the machinery sector.

Leichte Abkühlung im Oktober

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im Oktober 2019 ein Minus von 6 Prozent. Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es eine Veränderung von -3 Prozent. Das Auslandsgeschäft ging im Vergleich zum Vorjahresniveau um 8 Prozent zurück. Die Orders aus dem Euroraum sanken um 5 Prozent und aus dem Nicht-Euroraum um 9 Prozent.

Formnext 2019: Prima Additive presented a new generation of solutions for metal additive manufacturing

Prima Additive, the Prima Industrie division dedicated to Metal Additive Manufacturing systems, exhibited for the first time at Formnext, the leading exhibition dedicated to additive manufacturing, held in Frankfurt from 19 to 22 November.

Grinding experts combine expertise

Okuma, represented in Hungary by Smartus Zrt., and German grinding expert Dr. Kaiser Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH & Co KG jointly developed a grinding system that offers cutting-edge dressing functions. This is achieved by an unprecedented symbiosis of the CNC grinding machine, the dressing hardware and the control technology.

Quartal schließt ausgeglichen ab

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im September 2019 ein Plus von 6 Prozent. Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es eine Veränderung von -8 Prozent. Das Auslandsgeschäft verbesserte sich um 14 Prozent im Ver-gleich zum Vorjahresniveau. Die Orders aus dem Euroraum stiegen um 39 Prozent und aus dem Nicht-Euroraum um 6 Prozent.

DMG MORI again confirms forecasts for 2019

DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT was able to keep its course in comparison to the industry. While the machine tool industry partly had to suffer significantly higher losses, order intake at DMG MORI in the first nine months reached € 2,008.4 million (-12%) as planned. Sales revenues increased by +2% to € 1,892.6 million. EBIT rose by +8% to € 154.4 million. The EBIT margin improved to 8.2%. Free cash flow of € 115.0 million was at the previous year's level.

Meusburger joins forces in 2020

During 2020, the Austrian company Meusburger fully integrates the hot runner and control systems specialist PSG, which was taken over in 2016, into the company and will then operate under the Meusburger brand. PSG remains a strong product brand.

August zeigt sich positiv

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im August 2019 ein Plus von 9 Prozent. Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es eine Veränderung von +18 Prozent. Das Auslandsgeschäft lag bei +4 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjah-resniveau. Die Orders aus dem Euroraum lagen unverändert bei +/-0 und im Nicht-Euroraum bei +6 Prozent.

3D Scanning and 3D Printing: A way in and out of the digital world

Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, will be showcasing at Formnext its latest portable 3D scanner generations, the HandySCAN BLACK and Go!SCAN SPARK, to the additive manufacturing industry. The contribution of 3D scanning combined with additive manufacturing to the design process contributes to saving time and money.

DMG MORI and TULIP partnership for agile manufacturing solutions

Through a cooperation with the US-American software supplier TULIP, DMG MORI is simplifying digital manufacturing adoption for its customers. Manufacturing workforce and engineers can easily create apps via a drag and drop interface and integrate them with existing systems. This no-code approach is designed with the needs of production lines in mind. It enables them to collect and analyze data in real time, without any programming know-how.

Digitizing the manufacturing process with up2parts

With a strategic stake in the Bavarian software company up2parts, which specializes in artificial intelligence, DMG MORI plans to acquire important know-how in the field of digitized manufacturing processes.

DMG MORI and Jungheinrich agree on cooperation

DMG MORI and Jungheinrich present their development partnership for driverless transport systems at the world's largest trade fair for machine tools – and already a first product. The DMG MORI PH-AGV 50 heralds a new era of flexible automation solutions in intralogistics. The driverless transport system enables fully automated loading and unloading of workpiece pallets on machine tools.

Tezmaksan is at EMO Hannover Fair with CUBEBOX and Kapasitematik

Tezmaksan Makine will participate in the EMO Hannover, the leading trade fair of the world in metal processing sector. Cubebox and Kapasitematik developed in the focus of Industry 4.0 will take place in the European Market in 2020, following the EMO Hannover Fair. Tezmaksan aims to realize software export for 1 million Euros in 2023 with Kapasitematik and system export for 5 million Euros annually to Europe with Cubebox, which have been developed with domestic and national manufacturing.

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