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The machine tool sector copes well with industrial and trade uncertainty (Cikk)

In a time of industrial and trade uncertainty, the machine toll (MT) sector continues to perform well, as production stands at more than 28 billion in 2018. In the meantime, CECIMO has following closely the review process of the Machinery Directive, the most important legislation for the machinery sector.

DMG MORI again confirms forecasts for 2019 (Cikk)

DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT was able to keep its course in comparison to the industry. While the machine tool industry partly had to suffer significantly higher losses, order intake at DMG MORI in the first nine months reached € 2,008.4 million (-12%) as planned. Sales revenues increased by +2% to € 1,892.6 million. EBIT rose by +8% to € 154.4 million. The EBIT margin improved to 8.2%. Free cash flow of € 115.0 million was at the previous year's level.

Taiwan prepares for a big EMO appearance

Taiwan prepares for a big EMO appearance (Cikk)

With 239 companies on more than 17,000m2, it is number 2 in the list of exhibitors.

Turning and tilting at the same time? (Cikk)

Making tool machine movement efficient: innovative, flexible, robust and compact – for the Offenburg-based specialist in drive technology, these are the crucial elements at play in the development and production of HIWIN drive solutions.

Schiess GmbH: progress on reorganisation (Cikk)

A few weeks after filing for self-administration, the tool machine manufacturer Schiess GmbH has taken the first steps on the way to a restructuring. In close cooperation with the relevant federal agency it has acquired the export licence for an important major order which can now be delivered. Order acquisition is running at full pelt and the creditors along with the shareholder are in support of the programme of reorganisation. Business is able to operate free of restrictions.

DMG MORI completes 2018 with new record values (Cikk)

DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT can look back on a very successful financial year 2018. Order intake, sales revenues, EBIT and free cash flow reached record values. Order intake rose by +8% to € 2,975.6 million. Sales revenues increased by +13% to € 2,655.1 million. EBIT went up by 21% to € 217.1 million. This corresponds to an EBIT margin of 8.2%. Free cash flow improved by € 11.8 million to € 154.2 million.

Machine tool producer Schiess GmbH to restructure in self-administration (Cikk)

The machine tool manufacturer Schiess GmbH, based in Aschersleben/Saxony-Anhalt, commences its restructuring in self-administration. The management has filed a corresponding application with the local court of Magdeburg, which has already been approved. Business operations will be continued in full.

1,000 students look into the world of machine tools at the "future day" (Cikk)

Bielefeld/Pfronten. Strong performance: At the beginning of the year, DMG MORI presents its entire technological expertise on 7,500 m2. With 70 high-tech machines, two world premieres as well as the future topics of automation, digitization and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, the traditional Open House exhibition at DECKEL MAHO in Pfronten (22-26 Jan. 2019) will be dedicated to integrated manufacturing solutions for holistic processes.

Okuma Technology Days exceeded all expectations (Cikk)

Okuma, represented in Hungary by Smartus Zrt., opened the doors for the Okuma Technology Days. During the three-day event, visitors could experience multiple hardware, software and industry 4.0 solutions.

Dream Site 2 enables unparalleled productivity in mass customisation (Cikk)

In 2017, CNC machine tool manufacturer Okuma opened its latest smart factory Dream Site 2 (DS2) at its Japanese headquarters in Oguchi. The facility serves as a parts factory for the company’s small and medium-sized lathes and grinders. To take productivity and efficiency to the next level, the CNC manufacturer has integrated 61 machine tools from its extensive portfolio in an Internet of Things (IoT) enhanced production environment. A new production planning system, advanced methods of visualisation, real-time data processing and automation via state-of-the-art robotics enable super high-mix, low volume production with productivity on par with that of mass production.

High precision 5-sided manufacturing of large workpieces (Cikk)

Okuma, represented in Hungary by Smartus Zrt., sets standards with the new MCR-S (Super). In terms of accuracy, productivity and flexibilities, the new double column machining centre opens new possibilities for manufacturers. Combining several high-end features, the machine tool is perfectly suitable for machining press dies to the highest standards. The machine also unites subtractive and additive manufacturing methods allowing for process-intensive production.

A glimpse into the future of manufacturing (Cikk)

The world premiere of new robot systems, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in CNC machining and state-of-the-art smart factory solutions were the highlights of Okuma’s booth at this year’s JIMTOF (Tokyo, 1-6 November). Okuma, represented in Hungary by Smartus Zrt., introduced the next generation robot systems ARMROID and STANDROID for highly automated manufacturing processes. The monitoring of production processes and maintenance reaches new levels with the use of AI. By connecting all machine tools at the trade fair stand via IoT, visitors could experience the many advantages of smart manufacturing first hand.

Neue kaufmännische Geschäftsführerin für CHIRON Group und CHIRON Werke (Cikk)

Ab dem 22. Oktober 2018 komplettiert Vanessa Hellwing (40) die Geschäftsführungen der CHIRON Group SE und der CHIRON Werke GmbH & Co. KG.

Okuma celebrates over a century’s worth of machining innovations (Cikk)

CNC machine tools manufacturer Okuma, represented in [your country] by [insert local distributor from list below], celebrates its 120th anniversary. One key idea has remained at the company’s core for over a century: not to wait for technology to catch up with one’s vision, but to push the boundaries of what machining is capable of to achieve the desired results. This philosophy has been driving innovation at Okuma from the company’s early days of manufacturing noodle-making machines to the state-of-the-art smart manufacturing solutions of today.

Technologietage 2018 von Schunk und Schiess- Potentiale zur Reduktion von Kosten und Zeit auf XL- und XXL-Maschinen (Cikk)

Am 29. und 30. Mai luden die Schunk GmbH und Schiess GmbH zu den gemeinsamen Technologietagen nach Aschersleben ein. Über 40 Besucher nahmen die Einladung an und erlebten zwei spannende und interessante Tage (lunch-to-lunch).

ORDERFOX.com and Autodesk

ORDERFOX.com and Autodesk (Cikk)

ORDERFOX.com is proud to announce a new ground-breaking collaboration with industry leader Autodesk; making visualization and procurement even easier. ORDERFOX.com is continuously focused on providing members a more efficient way to conduct daily business. With that always top-of-mind, ORDERFOX.com community members now have an even greater benefit - the integration of the Autodesk Forge platform viewing functionality.

Review of the financial year 2017: HELLER exceeds targets (Cikk)

The year 2017 ends with a stable economic environment and decent general conditions for the machine tool industry. For HELLER, too, 2017 was a good year. The group’s turnover has increased by 7%. The past year’s sales mix has improved our earning power. The year-on-year changes primarily illustrate the diverse possibilities open to us in the market which we also intend to seize in the future. Worthy of special mention in 2017 are crankshaft machines, coating projects, the modification of production systems and a significantly improved single-machine business. Order intake increased by 16%, thus providing a solid basis for 2018 as well high planning certainty for 2019 due to the projects in hand. We have been able to strengthen our sales in Europe and to intensify market cultivation. The positive order intake on our home continent confirms the measures we have taken. Similar steps are being taking in the US and in Asia.

DMG MORI with 7 world premieres at EMO (Cikk)

DMG MORI will be confirming its status as a world market leader in the field of metal-cutting machine tools with 7 world premieres as well as a representative cross-section of its high-tech portfolio at the EMO in Milan.

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